Meet the Designer

Terry Hanover

Furniture designer, Terry Hanover, is a master woodworker, hand carver, leaded glass artist, and co-owner of Center of the World.

Over the past 40 years, Terry has built a solid reputation for designing and creating heirloom quality furniture in the Craftsman tradition. When he creates a piece of furniture, it’s a hands-on affair, from details such as hand-cut dovetails, leaded glass, inlays, tiles and hand carving, to hardwoods carefully selected to showcase their natural beauty.

"Wood has a warmth and beauty that can't be equaled," Terry says. "My job is simply to enhance the natural beauty it already possesses.”

Terry works with clients around the country, developing solutions for particular needs, and bringing ideas to life.

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Terry Hanover, furniture/cabinetry designer and co-owner

Original Designs by Terry

Custom Entertainment Cabinet
Contemporary Trestle Dining Table in Cherry
Custom China Cabinet
Custom Folding Screens with Batik Insets
Custom Walnut Nightstands
Custom Cabinet with Stained Glass Inlay
Custom Hutch with Turtle Inlays
Custom Wall-Long Hutch