Come on in and see how we do things at the Center of the World. 

Making the Rosebud Chair

Terry demonstrates the creation of his signature Rosebud inlay, using stained glass and walnut. Phil shows, step-by-step, how he assembles the chair.

Techniques for Hand Carving

Terry Hanover explains how he created a hand carved, three-dimensional squirrel, and acorn and oak leaf panels on a custom-made quarter-sawn oak bedroom set.

Roger Ebert's Visit

Roger Ebert, may he rest in peace, shopped in our showroom many times. He was always appreciative, and on his last 2010 visit, he taped this tour. We had no idea until it turned up online. Thanks, Roger. CREDIT: ROGER EBERT

Self Store Table Leaves

Howard demonstrates how leaves store inside his new table. Credit: Howard Skolnik and Robert Milanowski.

Here's the Shop!

Tour of the shop.

Installing a Plug on a Deck

Phil drives to showroom to install a couple of wood plugs on the Showroom desk — and gives a bit of a tour of Harbor Country on the way. #customwoodworking #centeroftheworldwoodshop #woodworking #woodfurniture

Making a Sign on the CNC Router

This is our "numericaly controlled router," we have added this machine to give a more modern ability to wood carving and sign making. This particular part is being "roughed out" to save some time handcarving. At the end of the video you will see the finished part added to the new showroom sign, the sign itself is nearly eight foot wide and 4 foot tall, and shows much of our capibility regarding machine and hand carved signs.