Custom Furniture & Cabinetry Design

Tired of searching for that perfect table? Need a cabinet in just the right size and style? We can help.

Owner/designer, Terry Hanover, works with clients around the country, developing solutions for particular needs, and bringing ideas to life.
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Three homes — BEFORE

Photo of old entertainment cener

The same homes — AFTER

How it works

  • Get your ideas across with an architectural drawing — or a sketch on a napkin — anything that helps Terry get a sense of your needs and personal style. Clients have sent photos of architectural elements or design motifs, clippings from magazines, floor plans, photos, or just a description and dimensions.
  • Meet with the designer. Terry works in person or remotely (by phone, fax, or e-mail) with clients around the country.
  • Terry prepares a design and quote. His fee for this service is $75. Large projects, such as cabinets for an entire kitchen, could incur a higher fee.
  • If you like the design, a 50% deposit will get your order started.
  • Terry prepares detailed shop drawings, providing you with a final opportunity to confirm measurements or make changes
  • Your furniture goes into production.
  • Our turnaround is about 12 weeks from the time a deposit is made.
  • Payment is due on completion.

Terry's initial proposal for one of the customers above

The working drawing that came next

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