Customer Service

Physical address:
4102 Hanover Rd., New Troy, MI (some GPS units show this as a Three Oaks or Sawyer address)



US Mail:
Center of the World Woodshop, P.O. Box 105, New Troy, MI 49119

Be Sure It Fits

When considering a large piece of furniture, first consider how it will fit in your room. We often recommend that customers cut out a piece of cardboard in the size they are considering, lay it on the floor, and see how that size works with traffic flow in the room. Also consider whether it will be possible to get the piece into your home. A tight stairwell, an elevator, or a sharp turn from a narrow hallway all have the potential to interfere with delivery. If your home has any of these features, please advise us up front and we will work with you to find the best answer.


Unless a customer specifies otherwise, our furniture is finished with a satin, catalyzed varnish, which is the most durable finish available today. On request, we also offer oil, wax, and lacquer finishes.


We offer a full range of standard stains. Custom mixing is also available, at a one-time up-charge of $100. Custom stain formulas are kept on file for future reference. Be aware, though, that every piece of wood is different, and there is really no such thing as an "exact" match. Stain samples (on the wood of your choice) are available for $5 each, or no charge if an order has already been placed. The deposit is refunded when the sample is returned, or is deducted from the cost of the furniture when it is ordered.

Custom Orders

Terry Hanover has been designing custom furniture and cabinets since 1976. He is happy to work with customers in person or remotely (using fax or e-mail) to get a sense of their needs. This can be achieved through architectural drawings, sketches, a floor plan, a photo of the room, photos of architectural elements or design motifs, a verbal description, dimensions — anything that helps him get a sense of your needs. Based on these early discussions, Terry prepares a sketch and quote. His design fee for this service is $75/hour, non-refundable. A 50% deposit is required when an order is placed, with the balance due on completion. Following receipt of the deposit, Terry prepares detailed shop drawings, providing a final opportunity for the customer to make changes before the shop begins making the piece.

Please note: To qualify for a full refund of a deposit, custom order cancellations must be received within 2 business days of the order being placed.

Orders of Standard Pieces

Our standard pieces are available in a variety of North American hardwoods, including cherry, red oak, white oak, maple, walnut, hickory, and elm. We require a 50% deposit when the order is placed, with the balance due on completion. Stain samples are available.