Meditation Cabinet

Crafted from a single, locally harvested American beech tree, with hand carved beech-leaf pulls. Bookmatched doors are Ecopoxy® filled.

This tree grew around an old farm fence, trapping the metal strands inside the trunk. The strands were uncovered in the sawmill, and believe me, the sawmill owner was not thrilled! The steel ruined his blade, but it sure added character to the wood. The lower shelf includes two (filled) holes where the strands were once entombed in the tree. The steel caused the "blueing" of the wood that you can see in the lower shelf and on one of the back legs. The filled holes on the shelf indicate the former location of the steel strands.

Doors are soft-close. Satin finish is a durable, easy-care, water-resistant, and stain resistant varnish

28" wide x 12" deep x 58" high