Meet the Woodworkers

Terry Hanover

Terry Hanover, co-owner, designer, master woodworler

Over the past 40 years, Terry has built a solid reputation for designing and creating heirloom quality furniture in the Craftsman tradition. When he creates a piece of furniture, it’s a hands-on affair, from details such as hand-cut dovetails, leaded glass, inlays, tiles and hand carving, to hardwoods carefully selected to showcase their natural beauty."Wood has a warmth and beauty that can't be equaled," Terry says. "My job is simply to enhance the natural beauty it already possesses.”

Phil Mielke

Phile Mielke, master woodworker, design assistant, programmer

Since joining Center of the World Woodshop in 2006, Phil has been a driving force in merging the new world of machine carving with the old world of hand carving. Phil is a vital part of the shop today, both through his woodworking skills and assisting Terry with designs.

Don Harvey

Don Harvey, finish specialist, Mr. Fix It

Don joined the shop in 2008 when he was a 16-year old high school student. He now presides over our finish shop, leaving his touch on every piece. And whenever anything breaks down, Don is there, ready and able to fix it.

Some of their recent projects

Acorn Quarter-Sawn Oak Nightstand
​Randalay Quarter-Sawn Oak Buffet
Custom Cherry and Maple Room Divider