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Art Attack Events at Center of the World

Saturday, April 29

Center of the World is offering two events as part of the annual, community-wide Art Attack:

10 am to 4 pm — Local History Movies Day

A series of four short, local history documentaries will be played back-to-back throughout the day. Visitors are welcome to come and go at any time. 

To be featured:
A Dying Art: Maple Syrup Making in Galien
Directed by Justin Olmstead of Australia, this documentary received the 2012
Canberra International Short Film Festival. It follows the film-maker’s American grandfather and his helpers during their annual tradition of making syrup.

New Troy: The Center of the World
In 2005, the tiny town of New Troy was dying, until the efforts of a grass-roots organization breathed new life into their community. This inspirational film relates the story of the town’s rebirth.

The Great Sawyer Train Wreck
Produced by Terry Hanover. Through photographs, home-movie footage, and
interviews, this documentary relates a 1958 train derailment in Sawyer —
the cause, the tragedy that resulted, and the effects on the community.

Morley Mill: a brief history
Also produced by Hanover, this just-released documentary tells the story of
New Troy’s Morley Mill, which was built in 1866 — the man who built it,
the people who worked in it, and the customers who patronized it.

The movies will play on a repeating loop beginning at 10:00 am and continue until 4:00 pm. There is no charge to attend.

4 to 6 pm — Carving Wood: By Machine & By Hand

Center of the World Woodshop’s artisans will explore two different approaches to carving wood — by machine and by hand. Following the demonstration and presentation, visitors will be able to view and handle finished pieces while mingling with the woodworkers. Drinks and nibbles will be served.